Melting the Dragon Healer Tonia Hafter BIO_picWith well over 2 decades in the healing arts, Tonia Hafter has developed an eclectic approach to massage and healing. Her early explorations in Asian medicine led her to study Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Taoist Medicinal Nutrition and Cooking. Tonia received her certification as a Tui Na Medical Massage Therapist from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2001. Soon thereafter, she began her studies of Wuji Gong and Qigong healing with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong in California. The next year, she went to Thailand to study Thai Massage and discovered Reiki. Tonia continued her Reiki studies in India and in 2006, she was accredited as a Reiki Master in Grenada, Spain.

A dedication and passion to the healing arts has taken her far and wide to experience other modalities that she integrates into her healing sessions. Travels, studies and personal experiences in Mexico, India, Europe and Thailand have provided her a travelers wisdom and a deeper understanding of the human psyche. Her healing approach is culled from Taoist meditations, shamanic healing sounds and visualizations, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Energy Healing and Qigong practices that help to unify the physical body with the mind and spirit. She now fuses these tools with her innate intuitive healing gifts and light energy into a holistic approach that she calls MELTING THE DRAGON.

An alchemical process transforming one’s deepest pains and fears into useful, enjoyable and powerful life energy.

Melting the Dragon is a holistic approach encompassing physical therapy, energy healing, massage, breathwork and sounding. Tonia works with you to treat chronic and acute pain and discomfort due to accidents, sports injuries, repetitive stress, emotional pain and overwork. Tonia strives to provide you with a proper and complete healing approach in accordance with your needs and personal preferences. Treatments may be done in English, Spanish and French.

Customized Classes in Qigong, Massage and Reiki are available on request for groups based on specific needs.

Personal coaching to support your healing may include:

  • Customized Qigong and Yoga exercises
  • Self Massage techniques
  • Personalized guided meditations
  • TCM nutritional counseling for healing
  • Reprogramming Breathwork

Melting the Dragon P1070339Make an agreement with yourself to pay attention to your intuition, to your body sensations, and to your own antenna. As you go through the exciting and emotional process of casting off layers, you will change and you will find your needs will change. It is a journey of learning to trust your own intuition.

The beginning of ones healing process starts with your decision to embark on the journey. Meet someone in whose presence you can grow and heal. You may seek different helpers along the way towards the light. We find our truth through that inner knowing, not necessarily through logic. Trust your intuition, trust your guts. And you will find your helper.


  • 90 minute session: $120. Series of 5 sessions: $500.
  • 60 minute session: $90. Series of 5 sessions: $400.
  • 90 minute out calls in the East Bay: $150. Add mileage for further destinations.
  • 60 minute out calls in the East Bay: $120. Add mileage for further destinations.
  • Introductory Reiki sessions: $75.
  • Special rates are available in some cases for certain needs. Please let me know if you need this.
  • Packages available that include different therapies over any time period are available.
  • Packages for multiple people are available at a day rate depending on the situation and location.
  • All sessions include personalized coaching.

* My preference is to do 90 min sessions. Call to discuss your situation.
* All of my sessions include Reiki and Energy Healing unless otherwise specified by you.

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