Healing Retreats and Vacations

Healing Retreats and Vacations SEANature Retreats of practice and play; instruction in static and moving qigong, self massage, movement, circle singing
Place: South of France in rural Camargue
Date: Month of June

Imagine going to a place, a simple place, a beautiful place, where there are no cell phones or wifi connections, no roar of traffic, no lights to mask the sparkle of the stars. Just wild pigs, big bulls, migrating birds. Wake up to communal qigong practice, yoga class and meditation.

Wander the marshes on a bicycle, meditate on immense skies, catch the flight of migrating pink flamingos overhead. Nurture your being with the quiet sounds of nature, a breath of relief that smells of the Mediterranean.

Our retreat is about balance, personal time, communal time, meditation and movement, dancing and drinking with the locals, and side trips to sacred spaces in Provence. Hikes with meals in local taverns, circle singing and vocal improv in ancient spaces of acoustic excellence. Bathe in vibration and awareness, let go of expectations and allow spontaneity.

Evening parties, local flamenco evening vocal and body improv classes of circle singing, body percussion, vocal improv, toning.
Find your own voice among friends. Experience egoless improv. Challenge your self.
Self massage instruction. Walks, bicycling, local field trips.
Reiki initiation and practice for those interested.