TESTIMONIALS THAI 32x32Testimonials of Clients and Students

Oh really, you have a great light, as in mystical, touch. Doniphan

THANK YOU TONIA for a refreshing, healing, wonderful body massage. It was a great healing and learning session for me and I am deeply grateful. Richard Kalman, Berkeley, CA

Dear Tonia, I want to thank you again for your workshop. The practices I learned from you have revitalized my life and deepened my connection to my personal divine source. Tori Rose, Norman, Oklahoma

Elana "Thank you for the amazing healing session yesterday. You are super-tuned-in and gifted and it was amazing and powerful and beautiful and exactly what I needed! Thank you also for teaching me the tools I can use at home!!"

Tomorrow is Michael's birthday. He's survived cancer treatment but is very weak and I'd like to give him a healing treatment from you. How much is it? Do you have a gift receipt yet? Let me know so I can send him tomorrow if you are available. I'd love to get a massage, haven't had one in ages and you're the best. Love and sparkles, Sigi

Yesterday when I sat down to play, my fingers and arms felt very free. Usually there is a whole lot of stiffness to get through. My back didn’t get tired all day, it was very unusual. I stretched and moved around. When I was working on math, I got tight, but then the tightness went away when I went on to something else. Thanks so much, Gael - musician cellist

For past few year, once a week (Tuesdays) a small group of us have been getting together during a lunch break to exercise. It seems that we have all been feeling beneficial results with our latest instructor/teacher Tonia Hafter. The one hour of Qi Gong practice is very helpful for energy re-charging, de-stressing and all kinds of dis-ease prevention. Milada Machova Paintings Conservator Oakland Museum of CA

Mani Feniger, The Search for my Mother's PastFor me, Tonia's work is the perfect balance between the physical hands-on process and the movement of energy that loosens the blocks that contributed to my tightness in the first place. I am really benefitting from working with her." Mani Feniger, BE member

Remember when I said, What would it be like if I..." What would I look like if I worked-out? I have an answer... grEAT! I am working-out with a trainer twice a week. I have drank almost $1,000 in cold press nutrient rich juice since October. I can even juggle 2 grapefruits! Tonia the best moment in my life was that moment I met you in Austin. It did something, even in my old age of 66 I feel excited about every moment of LIFE. I cannot lose the opportunity you being in Texas, it will be a tragic moment not to see you. Irene

Tonia is very knowledgeable about various forms of therapy, and she has studied them around the world. She helped me a great deal: showing me healing techniques and meditation I can use myself and provided great insight into how I can care for my well-being and become more balanced. She has an intuitive understanding of what needed to be done and listened to my needs. In addition, she is patient and kind and it is very pleasant to work with her. She is a person of great heart and of gentle touch. I can recommend her, without any reservations, to anyone who wishes to work on mental and physical improvement. I have learned much I can use every day. Henry Fesler, El Sobrante, CA

I felt great after our session, I felt a furthering of great release of toxic emotions and substances from my body, it was a truly amazing experience for me. Every millisecond I was feeling and seeing things differently than I've ever been able to before, seeing images in my mind that I've never been able to reach before. I have been feeling ever since our first session more and more relaxed, more at ease, and I've been paying close attention to my belly button's shape! I can now feel right away when my body starts tensing up and when things are out of balance and I believe our sessions have been so very beneficial to my health and thank you so much for helping me with my journey. Allysa Rose Laskoski

I'd like to express a great gratitude for Tonia Hafter. She has blessed me a handful of times (so far). Each blessing has been unique, in the moment, and wonderfully surprising. She challenges me physically to let go of fear so as she works very deeply on my muscles and soft tissues. Or she doesn't touch me at all, and I float. I heard melodious bells one time that she played in my ear, albeit she claims she had no bells on hand. Tonia makes a very safe space and so I trust her to follow her intuition on what is best for me and my body. I am discovering that she has a wealth of knowledge in her hands and her heart, and I feel so much more like myself when the session closes. I intend to have continued work with Tonia open-endedly. Thank you Tonia.

Today while I was on the table you asked me if I felt energized after last week's treatment. You were referring to the spinal work you were doing again this week. While I don't recall my energetic state, I do vividly recall my feeling state as I left the massage room last week. I was feeling immense gratitude towards you, your generous and heartfelt approach, your optimism, kindness, and empathy, all mixed with a great ability to really "get in there" with my deep pain, both physical and emotional. I know that I am steps behind you in the journey towards releasing the hindrances to my genuine healing (not to mention that I am a different person with a different journey, of course), and I know that I am very, very resistant to many of the things you are offering me right now -- but please know that you have already impacted my path in many ways, and I think of you and your wisdom and offerings throughout the week. Thank you for being there with me, for allowing me to show up as I am. Warmly, Chris